Cry Before Dawn (1984 Session)

cry before dawn 1989

From Wexford, Cry Before Dawn were Brendan Wade (vocals, acoustic guitar, uileann pipes and whistle), Tony Hall (electric guitar), Vince Doyle (bass) and Pat Hayes (drums). On June 25th 1984 they recorded 3 tracks for the Dave Fanning show; ‘Follow Me’, ‘Cry For Me’ and ‘Pain Of Life’. Thank you Colm for digging out the session track and to for the photo.

Follow Me (1984)

5 Responses to “Cry Before Dawn (1984 Session)”

  1. How about the other two tracks?

  2. Hello Enda, that’s all we have for now unfortunately, maybe someone else has a recording?

  3. boardtc Says:

    Great going through these old posts 🙂 All the tracks I have looked at, like here, show 0:00 and can’t be played. Are they still accessible?

  4. They show same for me until I press play but work fine. Maybe try a different browser if that doesn’t work?

  5. boardtc Says:

    Now it’s showing 🙂

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