The Story of Irish Rock

irish nuggets 77-79-p5-5.jpg

Whilst we enjoyed the diversions provided by ‘Dave Fanning’s Story of Irish Rock‘ and Tom Dunne’s Greatest Irish Albums, ultimately both frustrated by covering much of the usual ground. Happily ‘Irish Nuggets‘ came to the rescue and filled that void with 138 minutes of music you will unfortunately never hear on Irish radio. The latest compilation showcases 42 Irish releases from the years 1988 through 1989. If you like what you hear (we certainly did) there are 4 further compilations awaiting your ears. Now that’s the Story of Irish Rock.

Featuring A House, An Emotional Fish, Bam Bam & The Calling, Beethoven, Blue In Heaven, Brian, Cypress Mine, Fatima Mansions, Giant, Guernica, Hey Paulette, Hinterland, Into Paradise, Lord John White, My Bloody Valentine, Paranoid Visions, Power Of Dreams, Premonition, Rex & Dino, Scale The Heights, Shark Bait, So She Said, Something Happens, Stump, That Petrol Emotion, The Dixons, The Fat Lady Sings, The Golden Horde, The Malfunctions, The Outpatients, The Radiators, The Real Wild West, The Slowest Clock, The Stars Of Heaven, The Stunning, The Train Walkers, The Would Be’s, Toasted Heretic, Venetian Blonde.


2 Responses to “The Story of Irish Rock”

  1. Paul Timmons Says:

    Where’s Cactus World News in this list ? They sold more records than this lot combined over here in the states

  2. You’ll have to take that up with Irish Nuggets, but I suspect record sales was not one of the selection criteria. Cactus World News did feature in part 4

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