Grievous Angels (1991 Session)

From Dublin, Grievous Angels were Seán A McDermott (vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass), Peigí Whelan (backing vocals), Nicola Lane (backing vocals), Martin Jackman (vocals, bass, guitar) and Pat Jackman (drum machine, synth bass, loops + samples). Seán would later set up the Mickey Rourke’s Fridge label releasing Hey Paulette, The Dadas and compilations ‘Dostoevesky Lose Its Flavour on the Bedpost Overnight? and ‘My Favourite Things’. He  currently runs the Disques Fridge label and was recently interviewed by Roque on the Cloudberry Cake blog.
Call Me Ishmael (1991)

Know What I Like (1991)

Hollis Brown (1991)

Never Been To Finglas (1991)

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