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Vincent Hanley Comin’atcha – TippFM (2017)

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vincent hanley rte guide

Born in Clonmel on April 2nd 1954 Vincent Hanley joined RTÉ Cork in 1976. He presented shows for Radio 1 and RTÉ TV and by the time pop station Radio 2 launched in 1979 he was one of the most popular DJs. In 1983 he founded Green Apple Productions with Conor McAnally to produce MT-USA a 3 hour long music video show modelled on MTV. MT-USA was broadcast Sunday afternoons on RTÉ from 1984–87. Hanley died on Easter Monday 1987 at the age of 33. This radio documentary was produced by Padraic Flaherty for TippFM and features interviews with Marty Whelan, Bill Hughes, Conor McAnally and Mark Cagney.

Removed audio at request of Padraic Flaherty.


Visual Eyes – RTE Guide (1986)

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We’ve stumbled across a source of RTE Guides from the 80s so of course we requested articles featuring Dave Fanning. The first hit is an article from August 15th 1986 previewing new TV series ‘Visual Eyes‘. The 40 minute interview with Janis Long on BBC Radio 1 has us intrigued – who were the 28 bands? Our man on the scanner Drama Dave is beavering away on a website so as they say – stay tuned 😉

“Who is Thomas McLaughlin?”

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u2 croke park 1987

On Saturday 15th August 2017, one week ahead of U2’s gig in Croke Park, Dave Fanning looked back at the original ‘Joshua Tree’ gig in 1987. Two of the guests reminiscing about life around U2 thirty years ago were Steve Averill and Thomas McLoughlin.

Thomas McLaughlin was lead singer of Light a Big Fire who supported U2 in Croke Park in 1987 (along with The Pogues & Lou Reed). Steve Averill was lead singer of The Radiators from Space (celebrating the 40 year anniversary of ‘Television Screen’) and gave U2 their name and designed or art directed all but one of their album sleeves.

The Little Fish (1989 Session)

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little fish 2

From Galway, The Little Fish were Jimmy Fitzgerald (vocals & guitar), Brendan Duffy (guitar), Turlough Moore (bass) and Kieran Joyce (drums). On 14th November 1989 they recorded a 4 track session for Dave Fanning featuring ‘All about Eddy’, ‘Connemara Girl’, ‘Garden Gate’ and ‘Piece of your courage’. Fans of the band will be interested to hear that Jimmy and Turlough will be appearing at the Galway Hearts festival on July 27th:

A festival highlight will be a celebration of Galway band The Little Fish on Thursday 27th at 7pm. ‘The Story of…The Little Fish’ will see Jimmy Fitzgerald and Turlough Moore perform songs like ‘Patsy Child’, ‘Goodbye’, ‘It’s Waiting That I Hate’, and ‘Long Grass’ and reminisce about the band (admission €6).

Galway Advertiser (13/7/2017)

Connemara Girl (1989)

All About Eddy (1989)

Shush – Sounds From UCC Library

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We first became aware of strange happenings at UCC library in January 2014 when they curated an exhibition dedicated to the memory of the famed Cork rock venue and club Sir Henry’s. That was followed in March 2015 by a publication called The Blackpool Sentinel featuring the ramblings of the GAA and music fixated Colm O’Callaghan once of the Cork parish. Then in May 2016 came the Shush radio show hosted by two librarians playing music you wouldn’t necessarily expect to hear in a library. A couple of weeks ago Martin made contact as he was trying to locate some tracks for an upcoming special. Last week saw the show in question and we think you’ll agree it features a cracking playlist including one Fanning session rarity.

shush irish special (3/7/2017)

my bloody valentine – you made me realise
gorehounds – ruby
the golden horde- 100 boys
fat lady sings – arclight
power of dreams – 100 ways to kill a love
blades – last man in europe
glee club – no reason
swinging swine – them ghosts do come
whipping boy – we dont need nobody else
a house – endless art
undertones – my perfect cousin
hitchers – strachan
bam bam and the calling – road of the lonely
blue in heaven – i just wanna

Grievous Angels (1991 Session)

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From Dublin, Grievous Angels were Seán A McDermott (vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass), Peigí Whelan (backing vocals), Nicola Lane (backing vocals), Martin Jackman (vocals, bass, guitar) and Pat Jackman (drum machine, synth bass, loops + samples). Seán would later set up the Mickey Rourke’s Fridge label releasing Hey Paulette, The Dadas and compilations ‘Dostoevesky Lose Its Flavour on the Bedpost Overnight? and ‘My Favourite Things’. He  currently runs the Disques Fridge label and was recently interviewed by Roque on the Cloudberry Cake blog.
Call Me Ishmael (1991)

Know What I Like (1991)

Hollis Brown (1991)

Never Been To Finglas (1991)