Live at the Underground (1985)


We have been searching high and low for a digital copy of this 1985 compilation recorded at the famed Dublin institution ‘The Underground’. 32 years after the album was released Ken has come to the rescue – thank you!

As a new band, securing a headline gig in Dublin was nigh on impossible during that period – the Underground put on bands that no other venue would touch. Bands with no profile, no obvious crowd pulling appeal. That policy ensured that some of the finest Irish acts of that era took their early tentative steps on the cramped Underground stage – bands like Something Happens, The Stars of Heaven, A House, Engine Alley, the Slowest Clock, The Power of Dreams, The Fountainhead,  Into Paradise, Guernica, the Gorehounds, Therapy?, The Fat Lady Sings, the Would Bes – the list is endless.

Paul Page (Whipping Boy) for

Full details on the compilation can be found at Colm O’Callaghan (Blackpool Sentinel) remembers here.
Hughie Purcell ‘Push & Shove’

A House ‘On Your Bike Wench’

Fallen Angels ‘Small Beer’

Gorehounds ‘The Way I Walk’

Something Happens!  ‘Real Time’

The Stars of Heaven ‘Hey Little Child’

6 Responses to “Live at the Underground (1985)”

  1. vinyljunkierf Says:

    Have a spare copy for swap. I still remember the day I bought my copy in the Underground itself. Just pulled one from the stack on the bar. Why didn’t I buy more ……. Think they were £7

  2. Any chance we could hear the rest of the tracks please?

  3. I was ‘managing’ one of the bands, Smear Campaign that were recorded but never made to vinyl. Baby Snakes also got cut and I think Korea too.

  4. vinyljunkierf Says:

    Any tapes of the original recording

  5. Love The Stars of Heaven’s version of Hey Little Child

  6. Tom Loftus Says:

    Great memories going to these gigs on a Tuesday night descending down the stairs and bands were tucked into the corner ! me and this guy Jimmy who sadly passed away this year enjoyed seeing the likes of Stars of heaven , A House , The Slowest clock , Something Happens , Guernica ( Father Damo ! ) I became a big fan of the stars !

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