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Keeping It Peel Podcast – Irish Peel Sessions

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Sterling work here and we get a nice mention..


Keeping It Peel Podcast - Irish Peel Sessions

Just as with the Fall podcast (published on Mark E.Smith’s 60th birthday) this pod is released with impeccable timing for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend…

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Dave Couse – St Patrick’s Day (2016)

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rerun dave couse

St Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be the same without a dose of Dave Couse. Over the years Dave has recorded a number of all Irish music shows, ‘An Teach Solas’ being a loose translation of ‘The Lighthouse’ the name Dave’s show used have back before the suits at TodayFM thought that name was too confusing. Anyway sit back and enjoy 2 hours of good music hosted by our favourite DJ and there’s even a request for you know who;-) Playlist here. Thank you Ferg for the artwork.

An honourable mention goes to Tom Dunne who is hosting what promises to be another entertaining show tonight at 10pm on Newstalk. He has asked his listeners to answer 3 questions and himself and Ken Sweeney will be considering and playing the answers. Tom also promises classic sessions from Future Kings Of Spain, Ten Speed Racer , Gemma Hayes, Ash, Hozier and more. Can all that be done in a mere 2 hours?

1. First Irish act you remember seeing live
2. Best ever Irish band live
3. Fave Irish Artist

Shake (Session)

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Shake were Ken Griffin (vocals,  guitar, keyboads), Ger Griffin (guitar, keyboards, drum programming) and Steve Murray (bass, guitar, keyboards). Previously know as The Hippyshakes they would later add Jimi Shields and change their name to Rollerskate Skinny (pictured). Ger Griffing is currently active with Superelectric. Ken Griffin meanwhile, is on tour with August Wells. Thank you Rollerskate Skinny website for the above photo.


I’ll Go All The Way

Small Screen