Wheels On Fire (1987 Demo)

Wheels On Fire - Demo 1987.jpgFrom Lahinch, Wheels On Fire were Jennie McGrath (vocals), Anne Parker (vocals), Paul O’Brien (guitar), Anthony Edwards (guitar), Maureen Comber (bass) and Teresa O’Brien (drums). Dave Fanning played this demo track in 1990. Thank you Anthony and Kenny for providing the missing details. Any chance of a band photo? 🙂

Beach Walking (1987)


6 Responses to “Wheels On Fire (1987 Demo)”

  1. The bass player is sitting right in front of me here in kennys bar lahinch

  2. Yeh, we were indeed Wheels on Fire. The name is from the Dylan song, so of course it’s Wheels On Fire.

    Wheels on Fire were: Paul O’Brien & Anthony Edwards on guitars; Maureen Comber on bass; Teresa O’Brien on drums; Jennie McGrath and Anne Parker on vocals. We were in the Hot Press top 20 unsigned bands of 1988, if I remember right. Paul and I kept going through various lineups (e.g. The Foonspeeders) until we ended up as Kohima, with Laetitia Andre on vocals, Andy Palfreyman on drums, and Joe Keane on bass.. See https://soundcloud.com/kohima and https://www.facebook.com/Kohima-157304550977528.We never played covers, and we never will.

    Anyway, Wheels On Fire was mainly just a way for us to be able to get out of our respective houses and have a night out. Times were a little tough in the mid-late ’80s.

    Check out Kohima.

    Anthony Edwards, Lahinch, County Clare, 2nd Feb 2017

  3. Thank you Anthony & Kenny for getting in touch! Any chance of a band photo from back in the day? 🙂

  4. That’d be in the analogue world so we’ll have to root around in a few boxes. We def took a few photos of the band on the beach in Lahinch for the demo.

  5. Just emailed you the cover image from the original demo tape. Still looking for photos and posters…

  6. Hi folks. I just sent you a composite image of the band playing in Sir Henry’s, Cork, during the Hot Press Band Of ’88 competition. You got me going a bit so I went and digitised some of our old songs from tapes made with a very basic recording yoke and have uploaded them to a new Soundcloud site at https://soundcloud.com/user-413875887

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