The Studio 8 Sessions (2fm 29th Dec 2016)

Legend has it that the first Fanning session was by a band from Dublin called U2 in 1980. Whilst that event would have predated our tenure we can vouch for the importance in subsequent years of the Dave Fanning show to Irish rock music both in terms of the sessions recorded but also the demos played. Thanks to the efforts of Dave and long-time producer Ian Wilson the show was to become a veritable institution (not forgetting the efforts of Jim Lockhart, Pete Holidai and Paddy Breen who toiled in front of the console).

Originally broadcast Thursday December 29th on RTÉ 2fm and produced by Yvonne Judge, this special radio documentary looks back at the sessions recorded in Studio 8 over the last 36 years. It features contributions from Dave Fanning, Ian Wilson, Billy McGuinness and Christy Dignam (Aslan), Paul Cleary (The Blades), Gavin Friday (The Virgin Prunes), Martin Cowan (The Outcasts), Cathal Coughlan (Microdisney) and Noel Hogan (The Cranberries).


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One Response to “The Studio 8 Sessions (2fm 29th Dec 2016)”

  1. John Dundon Says:

    Excellent documentary especially since it has a lot of tracks and covers the country geographically , the comment about the Outcasts really resonates with me as when I saw them at the Kampus / Arkadia I said to myself holy xxxx this outfit mean business but equally forceful for different reasons were Virgin Prunes , Blades , Micro Disney , Aslan and the Cranberries , even those lads in U2 did well , come on release the session , fear not !

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