Donal Coghlan Tribute


Ken Sweeney joined Tom Dunne last night on Tom’s Newstalk show to pay tribute to Hinterland frontman Donal Coghlan who passed away at the weekend after a battle with multiple sclerosis.

Check out the excellent Hinterland piece on The Blackpool Sentinel by Colm O’Callaghan on which Gerry Leonard commented today “Thanks so much for this recounting of the Hinterland story. And even more if its possible for the telling of Donal’s story. He was the real thing you know. He was as passionate and articulate and artistic as any of his peers (Mike Scott, Paul Buchanan, Paddy McAloon… ). It’s our loss that he’s gone.“.

We hope to dig out the 1990 Hinterland session for Dave Fanning in the not too distant future. Rest in peace Donal.

Donal Coghlan Tribute (7th Nov 2016)

2 Responses to “Donal Coghlan Tribute”

  1. Gerry Leonard Says:

    It would be so great if you could unearth the Hinterland Fanning Sessions ! Thanks Gerry Leonard

  2. Hello Gerry! Well I had a look and sure enough there it is! Hope to post real soon 😉 PS Thanks to the taper Thomas who’s stash of tapes revealed this gem.

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