Ian Dury – Dave Fanning Interview (1981)


Shortly after Ian Dury’s death in 2000 following a long illness, Dave Fanning paid tribute by broadcasting a 31st July 1981 interview with the singer-songwriter. Thank you John for digging out the recording.

Ian Dury Interview (1981)


3 Responses to “Ian Dury – Dave Fanning Interview (1981)”

  1. Absolute class,what a pleasure to have grown up as a young 70s kid laughing at Ian Dury or should I say with in a purile way only to realise later as I aged he was totally on the button in an fantastic life affirming way that shows up today’s political correctness gone awol with beautiful and totally English particularly cockney Shakespearean wit an his working class dandy aplomb he delivered thought provoking art in a way he never got credibility for absolute art genius an a lesson to us all to look at ourselves not take ourselves to seriously brilliant warming interview and an insight to a lovely conversation between two men who respected each other bravo!

  2. Glad you enjoyed Paul and thank you for taking the time to comment!

  3. So lovely to hear Ian’s voice after all these years. I was fortunate to spend some time with him in Derry back in the 80s, what a great character and really committed to positive change. As I remember The Undertones was the intro bad for his concert in Derry. Great music.

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