The Boy The Boy (Demo)


From Sligo, The Boy The Boy were Fran Healy (vocals), Shane Boyce (guitars), Finn Corrigan (keyboards, guitar), Martin Harte (bass) and Enda McGoldrick (drums). Darrell Rainey (ex Lemon Aftermath) replaced Martin Harte in 1988. Thanks to Owain for digging out the recording and to for the kind use of the photo.

The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea (demo)

4 Responses to “The Boy The Boy (Demo)”

  1. Martin O'Connor Says:

    Ah, brilliant. Love this track. I remember them well. My dad is from Sligo so would have spent a good bit of time up there and saw them live quite a few times up there. Saw them one night in Sir Henrys in Cork and there was about six people at the gig. It was actually a brilliant night. Fran Healy sang most of the gig from the floor with us all dancing away.

  2. James Bourke Says:

    Great track 🙏

  3. stephen murphy Says:

    What a time …

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