Trenchtown (1990 Session)

Trenchtown donaghys mill 22.jpg

From Drogheda, Trenchtown were David Leslie (vocals, guitar), Robbie Caffrey (bass, vocals), Barry Leahy (guitar, vocals), Thierry Millet (saxaphone) and Dave O’Neill (drums). They recorded this session on June 11th 1990, the day Ireland played England in the World Cup which explains why the session was recorded in 2 takes. Ian Wilson produced and during the mixing received a call from a band called The Saw Doctors looking for a session. We also have a compilation of Cork Rocks 1990 featuring two live tracks from the band. Dave’s intros are confusing because he gets 2 of the track titles wrong. Thanks to Robbie for digging out the recording, photos and bio and Dave for the date correction.

Moving Target (1990)

Hitman (1990)

Money (1990)

New York Dancing Trees (1990)

3 Responses to “Trenchtown (1990 Session)”

  1. 11/06/1990 was date England v Ireland

  2. Thanks Dave, corrected the date!

  3. Trench town done for Drogheda what the Specials did for Coventry

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