Crumb (2005 Session)

From Dublin, Crumb were Derrick Dalton (guitars, vocals), Eamonn Davis (bass) and Dez Foley (drums, vocals). Derrick was previously a member of The Skips,  Hey Paulette and Mexican Pets. Eamonn was also a member of Hey Paulette and after a couple of years left to be replaced by Fiachra McCarthy (House of Mexico, Pantone 247, The Run Ons). Dez Foley released an album in 2015 with Acton Bell and is also honorary member of The Drays. Crumb released an album ‘Evenings & Weekends‘ (2005) and this session was recorded shortly afterwards for the Dan Hegarty show on RTE 2fm.

Like Goodbye / Gregor’s Girl / My Last Chance (2005)

2 Responses to “Crumb (2005 Session)”

  1. John Dundon Says:

    I had never heard of Crumb, somewhere along the way I missed them ….. It happens.

    Now thanks to the Fanning blog and Mr Dez Foley I am enjoying both ‘Evenings and Weekends’ and the more recent Acton Bell release, each throwing up new delights with each play.

    Keep those posts coming

  2. You and me both John!

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