Beatless – Groovy Summer (1991)


It’s a funny old world. A few weeks back we posted a session by Beatless and almost immediately, heard from a friend of Dave Ross pointing out that we had omitted Dave from the band lineup. It turns out Dave had just died following a terminal illness and despite our omission, the posting of the Beatless session had provided a much needed lift in Dave’s last days. By way of correcting that wrong and as a tribute to Dave we would now like to post a recording that he most definitely did feature on and extend our sympathies to his family and friends.

Groovy Summer (1991)

The Party’s Over  (1991)

Where Did You Get Such A Love From  (1991)


2 Responses to “Beatless – Groovy Summer (1991)”

  1. Peter Whelan Says:

    was there a video for this single ?

  2. there was, full of girls and props, a wonderful waste of money

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