The Black Velvet Band (1987 Session)



The Black Velvet Band were Kieran Kennedy (guitar,vocals),  Maria Doyle Kennedy (vocals), Shay Fitzgerald (bass), Liam Murphy (guitar) and Dave Horner (drums). This Fanning session was recorded on 14th December 1987.

Old man stone / Keeps on spinning / Maybe the One / Back to home again (1987)

2 Responses to “The Black Velvet Band (1987 Session)”

  1. John Dundon Says:

    Have always been a fan of BVB , 2nd album is also very good as was the two albums that almost sneaked out in the 90 s by Kieran Kennedy “Pagan Irish ” & “Foxy Moron”

    Remember seeing Kieran s early 80 s band 1990 in the Savoy in Limerick downstairs in what used to be Top of Towns cafe and then one night as a backing band for Johnny Duhan in the Granary on release of Johnny s Foreign Affairs album

    Wonder did 1990 ever do a Fanning session as know they never released anything

  2. Thanks John, will have a look, didnt know about those other projects!

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