The Beatless (1990 Session)


At the time of this session The Beatless were Nigel Williams (bass, piano & vocals), Liam Ryan (rhythm guitar & vocals), Hamish Millar (lead guitar) and Dave King (drums). Nigel previously featured in The Classics. There were a number of TV appearances – The Late Late Show Christmas special and The Den with Zig & Zag. There was also a live session on Fanning as The Viking Kings in addition to a St Valentine’s special with Gerry Ryan and a charity phone in on the Fanning show where celebrity drummers performed Beatle songs on air. The band released one single ‘Groovy Summer’ / ‘The Partie’s Over’ (1991) with a lineup featuring Liam Coade (keyboards & vocals), Nigel Williams (guitar & vocals), Dave Ross (bass & vocals) and Dave King (drums & vocals). The cassette version had a a 3rd track, ‘Where Did You Get Such A Love From’.

Where Did You Get Such A Love From / Hide And Seek / Its Over / Old Man Upstairs (1990)


One Response to “The Beatless (1990 Session)”

  1. Peter Whelan Says:

    Did they do a video for the groovy summer single ?

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