Stars of Heaven (In Concert 1986)


An encounter at a show by The Drays resulted in us finally tracking down this long sought after recording by The Stars of Heaven. The tape did require some first aid but the results should not disappoint.

 1. calvary cross
 2. hey little child
 3. sacred heart hotel
 4. in the pines / el dorado
 5. clothes of pride
 6. all about you
 7. folksong
 8. talk about it now

In Concert (1986)

12 Responses to “Stars of Heaven (In Concert 1986)”

  1. Great find! What a brilliant band!

  2. Thank you! Any idea of the where and when?

  3. We recorded it in one of the TV studios in Montrose in front of an ‘invited’ audience. late ’87/ early ’88 at a guess looking at the set list, but honestly not sure. Remember really not liking the tape when we heard, but maybe time has been kind? (can’t steel myself to listen yet….)

  4. Probably 1986 as Sacred Heart not yet released.

  5. Ah, yes. See the track listing has been edited. 2 O’clock waltz was in there earlier and I didn’t write that until early ’87.

  6. Hello Stan, nice to hear from you! 🙂

    Made a few corrections to setlist following some further comments from Seamus – thank you!

  7. This is so good to hear again thank you. I actually recorded this when it was broacast and have it on cassette somewhere in a box with lots of other tapes. yes, 2 O’ clock waltz is ommited may have to dig it out to hear this live version too. was also wondering, There used to be another live version of ‘Hey Little Child’ played quite alot an a another radio station at the time and just found the source online last night. from an ep called ‘Live at the Underground’ featering other acts also that played ‘The Underground’ back in the day. Quite rare I’m sure. Has anyone got a recording of it to share. Thanks again. B

  8. Trying to track ‘Live at the Underground’ myself Brian – someone promised to dig it out but still waiting 🙂 If you do dig out your tapes.. will gladly digitise for you and return all cassettes!

  9. I will dig it out a digitise it and send it to you when I get the chance. Most of the other cassettes I have are just general releases from back then I’m afraid. I was on to you recently about The Classics in session, I lost the tape and you were able to find the recording and put it up here. Much appreciated. B

  10. Great to here In The Pines again

  11. Magic!

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