The normally reliable has little on this band apart from the fact that they were from Dublin and had one track, ‘Disaster’ on the ‘Comet LP Two‘ sampler which was recorded at Owl Studios Bray, engineered by Ciaran Keating, assisted by Therese Murphy. If anyone remembers more then please leave a comment below. Looking like Conor O’Brien (vocals), Conor O’Mahony (bass) and Chris Heaney (drums), later of The Revenants.


10 Responses to “Lawnmowers”

  1. Chris Heaney , later of The Revenants, was the drummer

  2. Conor (O’Brien), I think, was the singer’s name and Naeem of The Revenants and later The Drays was bass player. Although all this is misty. I saw them a few times in The Buttery. They won a battle of the bands competition in there. They were influenced by Half Man Half Biscuit, as you can hear.

  3. Conor O'Mahony Says:

    Ha ha. Well I was the bass player. Thinks so much for this I lost the tape !

  4. Thank you for the info guys, good to hear from you Conor, any chance of a band photo? 🙂

  5. Conor O'Mahony Says:

    Leave it with me. I think I have posters from the 1989 Trinity Ball buried somewhere. I love it !

  6. Conor O'Mahony Says:

    I have one somewhere. College band really. I’ll dig it out.

  7. I was parachuted into the line-up for that Battle of the Bands. Drum-bashing. We won, but I got booted, due to not actually having a drum kit.. Call me Pete Best. Or Worst.

  8. Axios Creed. Says:

    I remember a demo tape of the Rocking Lawnmowers or Lawnmowers going around Dun Laoghaire around 1987 or 1988. My band did a cover of ‘Alienated’, and I wish I still had a copy. Finally saw them play in the Buttery. The Lawnmowers were certainly an underground hipsters favourite among kids from CBC Monkstown and Blackrock back in the day. Great to hear ‘Alienated’ again after all these years.

  9. I saw them at UCD sometime in the spring or early summer 1989. It was a daytime gig outside the student union bar. They sang a song that was called, or had the lyrics “Lots of people die in China”. When the Tiananmen Square massacre happened later that summer I remember sitting watching the news report and someone in our group referencing that song.

  10. Thanks all for the comments, updated post with the info, corrections and additions most welcome!

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