Slam Dancers (1987 Session)

slam dancers 3.jpg

Slam Dancers were Mark Bradley (guitar), Padhraic Mc Ginn (guitar), Des English (drums), Derek Ryan (bass) and Kendal Mooney (vocals). They recorded this Fanning session on the 6th April 1987. There were 4 tracks of which we have 3. The odd one out is ‘Love Me Blue’. If anyone remembers the band please get in touch. Update: Thank you Maurice and Des for commenting and providing band info.

Innocence (1987)

Waking Up (1987)

Leave Me (1987)

Love Me Blue (1987)

HCSD (1987)

7 Responses to “Slam Dancers (1987 Session)”

  1. Maurice Mc Cartney Says:

    Mark Bradley – Guitar
    Padhraic Mc Ginn – Guitar
    Des English – Drums
    Derek Ryan – Bass
    Keelin? – Singer – for this session only

    From: Rathfarnham/Knocklyn Dublin
    Practised: Monalea Grove Montessori
    Played Tommy Dunne’s Tavern , Underground, Active: 1985 – 1988

    “Hard Core Slam Dancers” was track submitted to get session. Keeling? recruited for session.

    Friend of Padhraic & Des

  2. Thank you Maurice!

  3. Des english Says:

    The Singer was Kendal Mooney

  4. Post updated! Thank you Des & Maurice, all we need now is a photo! 🙂

  5. Des english Says:

    Photo will be with you shortly. There were two other songs recorded at this session – HCSD & Love me Blue – (a different singer (male)
    Is there any chance of hearing these?

  6. Hello Des, have located the missing tracks, will update soon! Looking forward to the photo.

  7. Des English Says:


    Finally found those photos

    See attached



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