The Classics (1986 Session)


the classics - megamixFrom Dublin, The Classics were Nigel Williams (vocals, bass) and Maureen Kelly (guitar), Ricky O’Connor and Maurice McGrath. This session featured 4 tracks of which we have 3, ‘Don’t Tell Me’ has not yet been located.

Obsolete (1986)

Where Do You Get Your Love From? (1986)

Leroy Brown (1986)


One Response to “The Classics (1986 Session)”

  1. Hi
    Great to see more Classics stuff. I saw Nigel when he had moved onto the Beatless, in Streets in Rathmines. But everyone raved about the Classics. Remember Obsolete well. I was always impressed that the stuff Nigel wrote seemed every bit as good as the songs he used to cover in the band, fitted in seamlessly. Also used to watch himself and Hamish (RIP) busking on Grafton Street. First time I saw them they were doing Teenager In Love, Nigel on a double bass. Before Oasis ‘Wonderwall’ and the Celtic Tiger.

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