Max Von Rap (1986 Demo)

max von rap

From Cork, Max Von Rap were Joe Rex aka Pat O’Connell (bass & vocals), Mick Finnegan (guitar), Ulli Hoffman (synthesizers) and Rob McKahey (drums). Mick Finnegan was previously in Nun Attax and later in Expresso Mambo. Rob McKahey was and still is a member of Stump!. Pat O’Connell was later a member of The Atrix. This track possibly features Mark Van Dam (saxophone) and Jerry Fehily of Hothouse Flowers (drums). Thanks to RiochtNaSaor for the photo.

Still Deep (1986)

6 Responses to “Max Von Rap (1986 Demo)”

  1. Anyone who had a song called ‘I wish I had a Kawasaki’ is aok with me!!

  2. Joe Rex (Pat O’Connell) reconvened to Berlin for a number of years and was active on the music circuit in the 1990s in Europe. Heady days in Kruezburg!

  3. John McGrath Says:

    I have a video from Max von Rap from 1982-83 (VHS). I would like the lads in the band to have it. If you are one the band call me on 089 2483942. It’s about 50 min long….many thanks….. John McGrath

  4. pgormley123 Says:

    Hi Joe. I’m Pat O’Connell’s cousin (based in Galway) and spent some time with him and Uli Hoffmann (keyboard player in Max Von Rap and now in Germany) in Berlin . I’m not sure if this is appropriate from your perspective, but I’d be happy to get this to Pat (in Cork) on your behalf. My mobile is 087 1302325. I’ll understand if you would prefer to deal directly with the band of course. Let me know your thoughts on this, Paul

  5. Hello John, thank you for your comment! We have spoken (indirectly) to Joe Rex and he is delighted to hear of your VHS and is happy for you to pass to Paul above who will in turn get it to Joe.

  6. pgormley123 Says:

    Dear Fanning Sessions
    Many thanks for your intercession re Pat O’Connell/Joe Rex. That is excellent news. John, please feel free contact me on 087 1302325 at your convenience, and thanks for being so generous with your offer. Paul Gormley

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