Flex & The Fastweather – Stan


Originally from Cork, Flex And The Fastweather were Paul Tiernan (vocals & guitar), Maurice Seezer (keyboards), John O Sullivan (bass), Earl Gill Jnr (drums), John Stokes (guitar), Mandy Murphy and Carolyn Fox (vocals). Wayne Sheehy, Dave Whyte and John Donaghy also all played (drums) with the band. Paul Tiernan is now active as a solo artist based in France but recording and touring regularly although sadly (for us) doesn’t perform any Flex & The Fastweather material.

Stan (1987)

6 Responses to “Flex & The Fastweather – Stan”

  1. Now there’s a name from the past. They had very distinctive posters around Dublin.

  2. Interesting Peter! Cant remember those..

  3. what an amazing band flex were, i was at a lot of their gigs in the baggot inn.i was so sad to hear of mandy,s passing, i loved her singing. miss you so much.

  4. flex were an amazing band, i was at all of the their gigs in the baggot inn. iwas so sad to hear of mandy,s passing, she was such a beautiful singer. ill miss her.

  5. Great songs. Remember thinking that at the time. Didn’t know John Stokes played with them even though I spent some time playing in another band with him in the 80’s. Anyone know where he is now?

  6. John Stokes Says:

    Well , that’s a trip down the old lane.
    Still sounds good , if I may say so myself.
    Great to hear Mr Tiernan is still working the coal face.
    Much regards to all the crew. Hope you are all going well.
    Peace & Love
    Johnny Stokes.

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