The Gorehounds – Ruby


Received a request for this track so we pulled out all the stops! Apparently The Gorehounds also appeared on RTE’s youth show Borderline performing this track but that’s another matter.. Thank you for the use of the images. The Gorehounds were Brian MacGabhann (vocals), Colm O’Kelly (guitar), Alan Taafe (bass), Brian O’Kelly (drums) and Gerry O’Boyle (drums). Yup not a mistake – two drummers!


Ruby (1987)

5 Responses to “The Gorehounds – Ruby”

  1. gerry molyneaux Says:

    Always nicer to hear originals,especially from punky bands.Stilly were great to hear a country ditty ripped up and spat out.They were a great band and they also recorded on vinyl which seemed to pass a fair few good punk,oi,n ska irish outfits by-the North excluded.Nice one.Pleased ta say have all teir vinyl too.

  2. been after this for a long long time (since i heard it on John Peel’s show) and just found a copy on Discogs…!!! what a fucking cracking version this is, i had assumed the band were American…anyway, result…!!!

  3. by the way…if there’s any chance of anyone sending me a 320mp3 of this i’d be eternally grateful and it’ll have pride of ‘opening track’ place on my podcast…cheers Ian 😉 x

    email is :

  4. Ian Jay Says:

    ta loads for sending the mp3 folks…!!! your kindness is much appreciated and ‘Ruby’ has made the ‘first block’ of the podcast…there is no playlist on a ‘new’ show, in order to keep the surprise ‘radio’ element of the show…but it’s track #3 and it’s every bit as good as i remember to be…nearly 30 years is mad but if anyone wants to hear it, it’s on the link below…slainte…!!! Ian J.

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