Richard III


RICHARD III were a thrash metal band from Cavan active in the early 1990’s. They released two demos ‘Drunken Wisdom’ and ‘Feel No Pain’ and recorded one Fanning session. They also made a video which featured on the RTE/2fm Beatbox. The band was Séamus Hughes (vocals), Mickey McDonnell (guitar), Fintan McCaffrey (guitar), Gary Higgins (drums) and Glen Gardiner (bass). Rodney Lancashire (guitar) featured in an earlier lineup. A big thank you to the excellent Irish Metal Archive for the band photo and bio. If you have any further details on the track or the band please leave a comment.

State Of Insanity


2 Responses to “Richard III”

  1. gerry molyneaux Says:

    Cavan and Monaghan have a great tradition of metal and punk with the Strypes,The Wherabouts,Firefly,and members of bands like the Boomtown Rats,My Bloody Valentine,Pincher Martin etc etc etc

  2. All of RICHARD III’s available releases are available now on the IRISH METAL ARCHIVE…

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