The Mountain Climbers (1986 Session)


Recorded on October 13th 1986, we have today two of the four session tracks recorded by Dublin band The Mountain Climbers. The band were formed by Tom O’Brien (vocals/guitar) with Brian Foley (bass) – yes he of The Blades and The Vipers, Dave Sweeney (guitar), Robbie Kelly (drums) and Padraig McCaul from The Harvest Ministers (saxophone). The missing session tracks are ‘Across The Great Divide’ and ‘The Night Watch Man’.

The Mountain Climbers Love Song (1986)

No Cause To Celebrate (1986)

5 Responses to “The Mountain Climbers (1986 Session)”

  1. Tom used to work occasionally in Date Rehearsal Studios on Granby Row in Dublin. This band also featured regularly at gigs in UCD for a while, I remember seeing this gas mask poster around the campus.

  2. LOL ! I hadn’t seen that the first time it was broadcast in 2010… I wonder will they drag it out again in 2020?

  3. Colm Kavanagh Says:

    Just discovered I have “Killing Time” from (I think) the same session.

  4. Great news Colm, I look forward to hearing it! 🤞

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