All Cats Are Gray (1985 Demo)

all cats are gray From Tuam, Co. Galway, All Cats Are Gray were brothers Kevin (guitar, lead vocals) and Mousey McHugh (bass, vocals),  Declan Connolly (keyboards), Jimmy Mullins (guitar) and Red McGrath (drums). Mousey,  Alan Flynn and Leo Moran later went on to form Too Much For The Whiteman. These two tracks are from a 1985 demo which also featured ‘The Elphin’. Too Much For The Whiteman are reforming for a one off show at the upcoming Sugarbeet Festival in Tuam Stadium on Saturday 22nd August 2015.

acag Brigitte Bardot (1985)

The Bed Is Rough (1985)

2 Responses to “All Cats Are Gray (1985 Demo)”

  1. Padraig Stevens Says:

    all cats are grey personnel addition. Declan Connolly keys and Jimmy Mullins guitar

  2. God be with the days. Thanks for the upload.

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