16 Tons Of Jive (1984 Demo)

16 tons

From Limerick, 16 Tons Of Jive were led by Christy Barry, ex Christy and The Last of The Teenage Idols. The full band was: Christy Barry (vocals & guitar), Mike Kenny (trumpet/guitar), Ralph Unsworth (bass), Tom McLaughlin (drums), Dermot Moloney (sax), Mike O’Loughlin (sax) and Ger Sadlier (bass, 1983-84). They recorded a Fanning session on 22/04/1985 featuring ‘Every Day I Die’, ‘Trying Hard’, ‘She Takes The Pill For Me’ and ‘A Taste Of The Blues’. Thank you Thomas for the tape, Mike for the ticket and Ralph for the discography. This track features Mike Kenny on vocals and comes from a 3 track demo which also featured ‘I’m Touched’ and ‘Tear To My Eye’. Other demos recorded were “Tonight / Take My Breath Away” (1984), “Let her Go / Carpets & Curtains / I’m Touched” (1986) and “One More Reason / Waiting for Your Heart To Burn” (15/3/1986).

6 big

The Edge (1984)

One Response to “16 Tons Of Jive (1984 Demo)”

  1. This track “The Edge” was from a demo recorded in 1984. Mike Kenny is singing main vocals, and Brian Healy is playing bass on this recording.
    All the best,

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