Pet Sounds with George Byrne (1999)


There have been many great tributes made to George Byrne who recently passed away all too young. The current issue of Hot Press is a good starting point. We thought we would pay tribute in the only way we know how – by posting a radio show. This one features George sitting in for Tom Dunne on his ‘Pet Sounds’ show on TodayFM back on a bank holiday in 1999. If you would like to read a nice tribute to George we particularly enjoyed this piece on Dublin Review of Books.

todayfm 7-9pm bank holiday monday with engineer gavin blake

the hormones – mr wilson
beach boys – god only knows
teenage fanclub – is this music
blur – there is no other way
happy mondays – kinky afro
“powerpop paradise”
cotton mather – my before & after
pugwash – darkness makes us blind
jason faulkner – lucky day
al green – take me to the river
nina simone – to love somebody
aslan – hurt sometimes (live)
go-betweens – bachelor kisses
suede – metal mickey
{the rubinoos – amnesia}
{fountain of wayne – barbara h}
brad jones – the blunderbuss
shelby lynne – leaving
lucinda williams – metal firecracker ?
dusty springfield – i close my eyes
“2 tracks for my girlfriend”
matthew sweet – someone to pull the trigger
matthew sweet – if time permits
the replacements – alex chilton
big star – when my baby’s beside me
teenage fanclub – aint that enough
the radiators – million dollar hero
david bowie – hang on to yourself
the smiths – panic
mink deville – just to walk that little girl home

5 Responses to “Pet Sounds with George Byrne (1999)”

  1. pimpmyipod Says:

    Matthew Sweet song is If Time Permits. That band are called the Rubinoos for what it’s worth.

  2. pimpmyipod Says:

    The instrumental is Is This Music by Teenage Fanclub from Bandwagonesque.

  3. i actually figured that one out earlier today – great track, must dig that album out again. maybe an idea for a future pimpmyipod show – great instrumentals? 😉

  4. Still sadly missed

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