The Baby Snakes (1985 Session)

Photo by Michael Rynne,  L-R Pat O'Brien (bass), Niall O'Sullivan (guitars), Frank Rynne (vocals) Ciaran Byrne (drums)

Photo by Michael Rynne, L-R Pat O’Brien (bass), Niall O’Sullivan (guitars), Frank Rynne (vocals) Ciaran Byrne (drums)

The Baby Snakes recorded a three track Fanning session on 14th October 1985 of which we have two tracks. The band were Frank Rynne (vocals & guitar), Niall O’Sullivan (guitar), Dick Barry (bass), Ciaran O’Brien (drums) and John Ryan (keyboards). Check out for full details and some great press clippings.

The Prophet (1985)

Moonlight (1985)

4 Responses to “The Baby Snakes (1985 Session)”

  1. Those press clippings are priceless. I was never a fan, but did see them a few times, memories of which hovered around the edge of my memory as I read these.

  2. has a number of their tunes ‘Just Say Yes’ being particularly good.

  3. Long lost track…great stuff…

  4. Awful vocals but cool New York Dolls vibe off this Band if a little long winded … I blame their manager Joe Ambrose for that .

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