Something Happens! In Concert (1989)

Photo (C) Shane Mc Carthy Photography

Photo (C) Shane Mc Carthy Photography

The Dave Fanning Show on 2FM featured a weekly in concert segment with a 30 minute live recording from a band of the day. Something Happens! featured in session last week but we came across this recording on the Something Happens facebook group and couldn’t resist. It’s a two parter so we pretty have the full show. By the way the lads have just announced they are to play at the Killarney Festival on June 27th alongside The Undertones and The Frank & Walters.

02-What Now
03-Take This With You
05-Tall Girls Club
06-Forget Georgia
07-I Had a Feeling
08-Here Comes the Only One Again
09-7 Days Till 4am
11-Burn Clear
12-Paloma Blanca
13-Summertime Love
14-Does Your Mother Know

In Concert – Part 1 (1989)

In Concert – Part 2 (1989)

3 Responses to “Something Happens! In Concert (1989)”

  1. Phil Freckleton Says:

    It works !!!!!!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. John Dundon Says:

    Excellent thanks for uploading , listened it last night via the angry bird speaker whilst rustling up the family evening meal with a glass or two 😀c u hope the front in Killarney

  3. Brilliant nostalgia…still sounds great…like it did in The Bridge in Waterford many moons ago…#Iknowrayharman

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