The Slowest Clock – Smile Futurismo! All I Heard Was Purple (2014)

slowest clock small

The Slowest Clock were Frank Pryce (vocals), Gerry Fahy (guitar), Brian Neavyn (bass & keyboards) and Dave Burke (drums). In Winter 1989 they recorded nine songs at Generator House, Roundwood. These recordings were later lost and so did not form part of the ‘Life Still‘ release in 1994. The tapes were discovered some 10 years later and now 25 years after they were first recorded The Slowest Clock are set to release their debut album as originally planned..

“Superb band, Gerry Fahy my fave guitarist”
Ray Harman (Something Happens!)

“Holy flashbacks Batman! Previously unreleased debut album of edgy freakbeat/psych wig-outs recorded in 1989/90 from the Dublin band who were one of the stalwarts of the Underground Bar scene at that time.”
Jim Carroll. The Ticket, Irish Times

“After a delay of almost 25 years, 1980s Dublin band Slowest Clock (living up their name, surely?) finally release a debut album that, apparently, was never meant to be. Lost multi-track recordings, life getting in the way, mounting debt and other issues interrupted Slowest Clock from gaining any appreciable foothold, which is a pity as the tunes and songs here highlight one of the many pitfalls of the music industry: being a really good band that never made it commercially. If melodic and serrated psych/pop/garage/punk is your thing, you are advised to start your stopwatch now.”
Tony Clayton Lea, HMV Blog

The full album tracklist is: Going Home / Warhola / You’re So Strange / Le Bordel Philosophique / Little Fishy / Cherie / Eastern Flowers / Acid Lake / Turning Green / Say What’s On Your Mind / Wasted / You Never See Me / Desert Mouth / Rejoice/In The Cinema

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