Sister Morphine (1993 Demo)

Recorded from the Dave Fanning show in 1993 and that is the extent of our knowledge. Anyone got bio details or a photo for Sister Morphine?

Update: Formerly known as The Garden Hasn’t Changed Much, Dublin band Sister Morphine (not to be confused with the U.S. band of the same name – see comment) were Mark Bourke (vocals), Colin Murray (guitar), Stephen Quinn (bass), Oisin Kelly (drums)

sister morphine

sister morphine inlay
Valium Mary (1993)


2 Responses to “Sister Morphine (1993 Demo)”

  1. you guys are kidding. that is NOT sister morphine. sister morphine were an 80’s band debut record out in 1987… this song is crap. here is the REAL sister morphine;

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