The Elite (1989 Session)

The Elite recorded this Fanning session on 25th September 1989. According to the frontman is Derek Dempsey. Further details of the band personnel and a picture would be gratefully appreciated.. Now might also be a good time to mention the Irish Metal Archive.

1. Never Surrender (1989)

2. All I Ever Wanted (1989)

3. Bad Attitude (1989)

4. Rock’n’Roll Woman (1989)

Here’s a video recording of the band performing ‘Bad Attitude’.

2 Responses to “The Elite (1989 Session)”

  1. I remember Derek and The Elite well. If I remember correctly they were originally from the Dolphins Barn area of Dublin. I first met them when I was playing with Talk To Strangers where we had a Friday night residency in Slatterys on Cape Street. Derek came in one week and asked me about getting a support slot. They were probably all just about old enough to be in the venue and played with the passion we all have once in our lives around that age. Big fans of The Cult and I recall they practically lived in a church hall where they rehearsed seven days a week. I moved to the US and next saw Derek when he had a bit part in The Commitments film playing one of the people arriving at the door looking to audition for a spot in the band. I passed Slatterys a few years later when home on a visit and saw large posters advertising that they were doing the Lizzy Live & Dangerous album every week in the venue.

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