Tower Of Babel (1988 Session)


From Dublin Tower Of Babel feaatured Mark Lawlor (vocals), Paul Lacey (guitar), Martin Creighton (bass) and Eamonn Elliot (drums). They recorded this Fanning session on April 18th 1988. Paul Lacey and Martin Creighton were previously members of Ambition In Glass. Martin Creighton sadly passed away in 2006.

Near Dark (1988)

Conceal Me (1988)

Shed My Skin (1988)

3 Responses to “Tower Of Babel (1988 Session)”

  1. gerry molyneaux Says:

    Have the single,good punky sounding with reggae pounding.

  2. […] of Babel were a Goth band from Dublin that were around from 1986 to 1989. The wonderful Fanning Sessions has a 1988 Session up on the site and that prompted me to go atticwards to see if I could find the bands first single which I have. […]

  3. John S. Brennan Says:

    “Walk in the Sunshine (not drown in the Rain..)”

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