Sean O’Hagan on Tom Dunne Newstalk show


Despite the fact that Newstalk insists on broadcasting in mono (even the online stream is mono for crying out loud) I find myself addicted to the new Tom Dunne show. The ‘Back To Mine’ feature is a particular favourite and has included guests such as Terri Hooley, David Holmes, Ben Watt, Gerry Leonard, Jon Savage, Joan As Policewoman, Willy Vlautin, Tracey Thorn, Nina Persson, Martha Reeves, Patrick McCabe, John Grant, Matthew Sweet, Ray Connolly, Conor O’Brien, Josh Ritter, Thomas Walsh and John Connolly.

Recently Tom spoke to Sean O’Hagan of Microdisney and I enjoyed it so much I had to share. The audio is hosted on the Newstalk site here. Subscribe to the show RSS feed here.

Sean O’Hagan on Tom Dunne show (2014)

One Response to “Sean O’Hagan on Tom Dunne Newstalk show”

  1. John Dundon Says:


    I listened to it last night after seeing the twitter link , it was great as I remember the band with some fondness from the UCC Kampus when they were really rough and ready to the fantastic musical compote that they eventually came up with for the albums when they were based in the UK . They played our little venue in Limerick the Gaff for a Fri and a Sat night and my memory was also brought back to the fact that The End with Tom Dunne also played a Fri and Sat around the same time 1980 /81 and there was Tom speaking with Sean last night 33 or 34 years later and the music lives on . it s also great that Sean and Cathal are obviously still buddies after all the years

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