Into Paradise at Rock Garden (1993)


We understand this recording to be of the second last Into Paradise show. The setlist includes a cover of ‘Like A Hurricane’ and took place on Willie Nelon’s birthday making the date 23rd April 1993. Sound engineer for the gig was probably Pat O’Donnell (The Fountainhead). Download here.

01 – Deep Down
02 – Speak Slow
03 – All of These Things
04 – Angelus
05 – Sister
06 – Move Over
07 – Here Comes the End
08 – Move Up, Move On
09 – Must Get Better
10 – Only One
11 – Sleep
12 – Red and Blue
13 – Islands
14 – Like A Hurricane
15 – The Pleasure is Over
16 – Winter

Into Paradise – Rock Garden, Dublin (1993)

4 Responses to “Into Paradise at Rock Garden (1993)”

  1. If my memory servers me, I think the last gig was on 31st dec 1993

  2. […] sees what turns out to be one of their last gigs at the Rock Garden. The scene was inspired by this recording of their last ever gig, recently posted on the excellent Fanning Sessions […]

  3. Just discovered this great blog some days ago…. This show goes to prove how Into Paradise was a terrific band and not only on records!!
    It’s been such a long time, no word games intended. We were so naive, manipulated and fucked-up…. Anyway, this truth can’t fade away!! Thanks for all of this!! Into Paradise and the one and only David Long Forever!!
    Serge Zéni

  4. Serge… I remember you! Into Paradise on Facebook –

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