Chelsea Drugstore (1991)


The name Chelsea Drugstore may not ring any bells but this track certainly will. It was to appear 2 years later on the debut album by The Devlins. Chelsea Drugstore were Colin Devlin (guitars, vocals), Peter Devlin (bass), Sean Devitt (drums) and Niall ‘Herbie‘ Macken on (piano and keyboards). How the name change came about is explained in this interview.

We named the band Chelsea Drugstore and we made a tape and the contact name was Peter Devlin and then the record company started talking about this demo by The Devlins.

Peter Devlin has a weekend show on Radio Nova. Colin Devlin is active as a solo artist.

‘Turn You Around’ (1991)

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  1. Was Una Gibney also a member of Chelsea Drugstore? I definitely recall a female vocalist with the band at their gigs.

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