Madness on the BP Fallon Orchestra (Oct 1985)


Listening to Donal Dineen‘s last ever ‘Radio Activity’ show for RTE 2FM / 2XM on Friday reminded me that we havent seen enough BPFO action round these parts. In case you missed that show it’s on the RTE Radio Player and you can read a synopsis in Donal’s Irish Times piece: ‘DJing is storytelling with added button-pushing’. Donal mentions listening to the BP Fallon Orchestra back in the day and that got me thinking it was time to dig out some of those shows. This particular edition from 1985 features Suggs and Carl in conversation with BP. Further shows in the pipeline feature Elvis Costello but new additions are always welcome.

Madness on BPFO(1985)

One Response to “Madness on the BP Fallon Orchestra (Oct 1985)”

  1. I have real good memories of listening to BP when I was a kid, I loved how he explained where tracks came from. I remember how he played Led Zeppelin and Chuck Berry back to back one day, and highlighted what had been ripped off from the other, not in annoyance of course, but because, as he explained, everyone borrows from everywhere. It was an eye opener. For me, BP, Dave and Donal are the holy trinity of Irish Djing. I discovered so much through them.

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