Real Wild West (1987 Session)


This 1987 Fanning session by Real Wild West is their second and was recorded on 4th May 1987. Real Wild West were from Dublin and featured Charlie Rafferty (bass & vocals), Paul Murtagh (guitar), Robbie Warren (drums) and Ian Smith (trumpet). Photo via this YouTube video of ‘The Sixties’.

Chappaquiddick Bridge / Hello Joe / Captain Of Your Ship / Burn, Burn, Burn (1987)

7 Responses to “Real Wild West (1987 Session)”

  1. TheJesusLizard Says:

    Odd question but do you have a song called ‘Unpopular’ by a Dublin band called Bunny (or Buddy) Hoover from the 90’s? I remember hearing this song and liking it at the time. I can’t find it anywhere! Do you have the Fanning Session Mexican Pets did? Would love to hear that again. Thank you and great blog!

  2. david long Says:

    What a great session.. i love it, at the time this band were head and shoulders above everyone else. “We all worship the sun, never fails to caress, everyone” – Burn, Burn, Burn. They recorded an album for Setanta Records in 1989/1990 that was left unreleased…. After listening to this session, what i realise is, what a huge talent Charlie Rafferty was.. Hopefully, sometime down the road, i will tune into RTE Radio One and there will be a documentary on the “Real Wild West”… about what happened to them.. Great band.

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks David, comments like yours help keep me going 😉

  4. James Stilpix Says:

    I remember they supported The Fall in the TV Club (12/10/84) think). Charlie was in great form-calling out a heckler (“I’ll f*ck you in my dreams tonight, blondie”) before he (heckler) made to jump on stage. Charlie also insisted we didn’t need to see the Manchester Right (The Fall) in Dublin.

  5. great band indeed

  6. john byrne Says:

    T’would be out of my cassete box indeed. I remember sending them a letter demanding the broadcast, which had been cancelled. Maybe the letter prized it into another slot for broadcast, I don’t know. But air it did. I told ’em we was gonna tape it……. I think there were two halves to the full recording broadcast seperately, if I remember rightly. And this would be but one of those.

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