TodayFM to axe Dave Couse Show


Listeners to Sunday’s Dave Couse Show on TodayFM this week got a little more than they bargained for. Dave was hosting a special all Irish ‘An Teach Solas‘ edition to commemorate our national holiday when with 15 minutes to go he announced that his show was to be axed. Dave had apparently known for some time but as he himself says, naively thought a reprieve might come. Alas that was not the case and the Sunday evening 10pm – midnight show which has been running for almost 6 years has but two final installments remaining. Check out the show on the TodayFM player.

Dave Couse Axed (2014)

28 Responses to “TodayFM to axe Dave Couse Show”

  1. Fanning Sessions Says:

    ‘How Couse Got Us Eating Out Of His Hand’ 2012 Irish Independent article by @nickkellyindo

  2. John Dundon Says:

    This is indeed very unwelcome news of Today FM axing Dave , what pray tell are they proposing and why ?

    Dave sounded bitterly disappointed and when one consider he is the regular stand in when Paul is Undertoning it’s a a bit confusing !

    Surely we the listeners should be consulted ?

    Anyone for a petition or a march perhaps in solidarity ?

  3. What a joke TodayFM, Sunday nights won’t be the same, I for one will be changing the dial. By the sounds of Dave last Sunday he was gutted and bitterly disappointed..sort it out TodayFM

  4. Catherine Says:

    This really is a joke. Dave Couse has been a major part of my week for the past 6 years, and an escape from the usual tat played on the radio. I’ll be joining Baz in in changing stations.

  5. Gutted for Dave. It was a staple in my week. My fav show of the week. What I want to know is what tripe is gonna be replacing the legendary Dave Couse & his lighthouse..

  6. Fanning Sessions Says:

    If anyone wants a recording of last nights Return of ‘The Lighthouse’ (for 2 nights only) with Mr Dave Couse complete with FM static give me a shout.

  7. Such a shame. The show was two hours of gold and a perfect way to finish the week. Surely a two hour break a week from the mainstream tripe wasn’t too much to ask!! the spirit of radio has passed..RIP

  8. Fanning Sessions Says:

    23.3.2014 – return of the lighthouse (for 2 nights only)

    ? – i want to marry a lighthouse keeper (clockwork orange soundtrack)
    arcade fire – the well & the lighthouse
    banana split theme
    beck –
    radiohead – you can keep the furniture please release me (kid a)
    big star – india song
    john grant – my love my life
    the clash – if music could talk (sandinista)
    king cruel – a lizard state
    replacements – cant hardly wait
    the skids – circus games
    the beatles – polythene pam (abbey road)
    elbow – my sad captains (The Take Off and Landing of Everything)
    the la’s – timeless melody
    tindersticks – the drunktank
    jonny grennwood – future markets (there will be blood OST)
    elvis costello – girls talk
    lemonheads – big gay heart
    bonnie prince billy – beware your only friend
    fr john misty –
    dinosaur jr – feel the pain
    neil young & crazyhorse – sleeps with angels
    serge gainsbourg & jane birkin – 69 annee erotique
    scott walker – my death
    Paul Quinn & The Independent Group – Stupid Thing
    edwyn collins – i never felt like this
    roxy music – just like you
    boa morte – burn

    [audio src="" /]

  9. Very sad news indeed. Good man Dave for recording and sharing these last shows. Have been listening to the Lighthouse since it started those many years ago, and it feels like a great loss already. Listening to the final show at this moment, raising a glass to the Lighthouse and hoping Dave Couse returns soon with another show somewhere!

  10. Kevin Kearney Says:

    Fair play Dave dignified to the last – from a sometime listener that wishes he was a more regular one – listening on your last night – hopefully you can be accommodated somewhere else in radioland and if so I will be changing the dial – best of luck !

  11. What’s the thinking behind this decision? Whatever the rationale it’s dreadful. like other commentators here, this show is a much loved part of my weekend. Will sorely miss the warmth, passion and musical intelligence of Dave on a Sunday night. Love this show, really hope Today fm have a rethink, failing that, hope another national snaps him up for this slot.

  12. Carol Kilbride Says:

    I am totally devastated – I listened to his last show tonight in total disbelief – I drive to Dublin every Sunday night and looked forward to the show – it shortened my journey – loved this show. When the show finished I switched off the radio – did not want to hear anything else from Today FM Good Luck Dave will be switching to a different radio station on a Sunday Night

  13. Fanning Sessions Says:

    30.3.2014 – last ever lighthouse

    a house – my little lighthouse
    lou reed – rock n roll heart
    the national – this is the last time
    joy division – love will tear us apart
    lcd soundsystem – all my friends
    elvis costello – i hope you are happy now
    gil scott heron – the revolution will not be televised
    chi-lites – for god’s sake give more power to the people
    the smiths – the boy with the thorn in his side
    jack nitzsche – the lonely surfer
    neil young – walk on
    soulsavers featuring mark lanegan – revival
    fleet foxes – he doesnt know why
    lisa o neill – no train to cavan
    a house – funny man
    a house – there’s only one thing wrong with the perfect
    the clash – capital radio (live)
    sam the sham & the pharaohs – wooly bully
    black flag – rise above
    marvin gaye – what’s happening brother
    rolling stones – i’m free
    the harptones – a sunday kind of love
    low – i love
    the beatles – revolution
    spiritualized – come together
    blur – out of time
    new order – dreams never end
    a house – without dreams
    suicide – dream baby dream
    ennio morricone – finale

  14. Ditto ditto ditto. A toast and a few tears for the Lighthouse on Sunday night. No show on Today FM worth listening to now — it’s off the memory dial. Wishing all the best for DAVe and hoping he reappears on a smarter radio station.

  15. genius playlist. shame to see him off the airways. couse has been part of my musical life for the past 26 years, from the underground to the lighthouse.

  16. @ mr fanning sessions the last a house song is without dreams

  17. Dave Couse will be filling in for Paul McLoone next week on TodayFM (Mon-Thurs | 9pm to midnight)

  18. Nice to have Dave back, even for a week, does anyone have Dave’s playlist for the last show for Paul McLoone ? Hopefully we will hear more from Dave in the future, those 4 three hour sessions were a treat.

  19. Would anyone know how to contact Dave via social media, FB ?

  20. Unfortunately I was away all week, so missed DAVe’s show. Hope there’ll be more…

  21. Good news Dave Couse fans – he is sitting in for Paul McLoone next week 9pm – midnight on TodayFM. That’s Mon 26th -Thur 29th May to be exact.

    There are recordings of the April shows (and probably a year of Dave’s Sunday shows) on a hard drive here in case anyone wants to start a DVD ring.

    Dave is on facebook and we have his email address in case anyone needs to contact him.

  22. Dave Couse sitting in for Paul McLoone this week 23rd-26th June 9pm – midnight on TodayFM. Paul is filling in for Ray D’Arcy 9am-midday.

  23. Gutted!

  24. may i have the link to DC on fb?

  25. Dave Couse filling in for Paul McLoone this week (11th – 14th August) 9pm – midnight

  26. Dave Couse sat in for Paul McLoone on Monday 27th Oct and will be the hot seat again in for 2 weeks from 3rd November.

  27. Dave in 29th and 30th Dec 9pm-midnight

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