Wilder (1988 Demo)

According to their IrishRock entry Dublin band Wilder were Dez Foley (vocals), Richard McDermott (guitar), Stephen Owens (keyboards), Bill Crawford (bass) and Frank McGrath (drums).

Get Happy (1988)


5 Responses to “Wilder (1988 Demo)”

  1. Thomas Erbsloh Says:

    great, more memories! Went to see them a few times in early 90s. I think this track was better, than the single they released a few years later (the one in the image `Babel Road`)

  2. Hi Thomas,
    Nice to see those kind comments! that’s me on vocals and it’s pretty cringey to say the least!! A blast from the past indeed.

  3. Was there not a band of the same name from Walktinstown? Lead singer, Johnny MacMahon, Ben Rawlins-Guitar, Alan Biggs-Drums,-George Murphy-Bass

  4. Hi Colm, we certainly weren’t aware of any other bands with that name at that time, 1987-1992. We did a few singles, numerous gigs and TV and never came across another Wilder. Maybe they were around earlier?

  5. have another track ‘crazy james’ must see if we can dig out the fanning session..

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