Tru’penny Opera (1988 Session)

Trupenny Opera

On 29th June 1988 Dave Fanning broadcast 4 session tracks by Wexford’s Tru’penny Opera. The fourth of these ‘If You Were Right’ featured previously in demo form and now thanks to a kind reader we have three tracks from the session. The band were Michael Egan (guitars, vocals), Paul Merrigan (saxophone), Peter Murphy (drums), Noel Quaid (bass), Maurice McNamara (keyboards) and John Murphy (mandolin, harmonica). On the way home from recording the session the band suffered a car accident which sidelined two members for several months. Thanks to Paul Byrne for digging out the photo and bio, more of which to feature when we post a further demo track ‘Homecoming’.

Road To Mandela (1988)

Last Night I Dreamt (1988)

Souls Are Closer (1988)


One Response to “Tru’penny Opera (1988 Session)”

  1. Noel Quaid. Says:

    Hi Not Dave, I want to bring your attention to “Last Night…”. The Guitar playing at the end is by Paul Spencer. It was one take and it’s an amazing bit of playing. Paul played guitar with The Roach Band and we used get him in occasionally to do live sound for us or if we were going into studio. Because we hadn’t got a CLUE!! Thank you to you and Paul Byrne for digging this stuff up.

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