The Pink Hurts (1986 Demo)

From Skerries in Co. Dublin, The Pink Hurts were Derek Kavanagh (guitar/vocals), Lilian Kavanagh (keyboards), Michael O’Reilly (bass) and Brian Kavanagh (drums). Thanks as always to for the bio and photo.


Newspapers (1986)


One Response to “The Pink Hurts (1986 Demo)”

  1. Thomas Erbsloh Says:

    ah yes … the memories. After arriving in Ireland in late 84 & discovering Dave Fanning (5 nights a week, Mon – Fri, 8 -11 pm, if memory serves me right), that song was one of my `discoveries` on Fanning & became one of my faves on my Fanning mix-tapes (& no, home taping did not kill music – apart from the fact that many of the songs couldn`t be commercially bought anyhow). I`ve never seen them, never knew much about them, though seem to recall that another song made one of the early Danceline compilations.
    … Thanks for the memories!!!

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