The Pink Hurts (1986 Demo)

From Skerries in Co. Dublin, The Pink Hurts were Derek Kavanagh (guitar/vocals), Lilian Kavanagh (keyboards), Michael O’Reilly (bass) and Brian Kavanagh (drums). Thanks as always to for the bio and photo.


Newspapers (1986)

3 Responses to “The Pink Hurts (1986 Demo)”

  1. Thomas Erbsloh Says:

    ah yes … the memories. After arriving in Ireland in late 84 & discovering Dave Fanning (5 nights a week, Mon – Fri, 8 -11 pm, if memory serves me right), that song was one of my `discoveries` on Fanning & became one of my faves on my Fanning mix-tapes (& no, home taping did not kill music – apart from the fact that many of the songs couldn`t be commercially bought anyhow). I`ve never seen them, never knew much about them, though seem to recall that another song made one of the early Danceline compilations.
    … Thanks for the memories!!!

  2. Valerie M Bailey Says:

    The Pink Hurts were a really good band. Good memories. They should have a gig again for old times’ sake. Val o’ Reilly

  3. David Doyle Says:

    Anyone know where I can listen to more of their songs??

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