Indian (1996 Session)

Indian - Big Serious Balloon

From Sligo, Indian recorded a Fanning session on 30/11/1996 which was produced by Ian Wilson. The band lineup was Martin Harte (keyboards), Joseph Hunt (lead vocals), Christy Behan (drums, vocals), Gerry Sweeney (lead guitar), Leon Donnellon (bass) and Declan Harrison (semi-acoustic guitar). Martin and Joe were previously in Absolute Zero, while Christy was a member of Those Nervous Animals. The band were active from 1995 until 2000 and have just announced their first gig in 15 years on 21st December 2013 in Shenanigans of Sligo.

Lonesome Heart Attack (1996)

Space Walkin Girl (1996)

Bang Bang Gun (1996)

Beautiful (1996)

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  1. […] Indians the thumbs up, they must be alright! Check out the Fanning Sessions with Indian from 1996 here. Roll on Saturday night, upstairs Shenanigans! See y’all […]

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