John Peel Day 2013


It’s hard to imagine now what the landscape was like 30 years ago. Imagine you’ve just moved to a foreign country with very limited access to media in your native tongue and even less of a clue where to hear good music. Imagine the shock and delight when you stumble by accident at an ungodly hour across the unmistakeable voice of John Peel and realise that he has a monthly show on a local radio station. These shows become something you look forward to, record and listen to over and over until the next edition. This day 9 years ago John Peel left us. If you are in Dublin tonight you might like to check out the festivities at this event. For more John Peel action check out this list of Irish John Peel Sessions, John playing Teenage Kicks twice in a row or the Peel sessions of The Vipers, Hey Paulette, or all John Peel related posts. There were Irish radio tributes last night on Tom Dunne (Newstalk) and Paul McLoone (TodayFM) and tonight from Dave Clarke (RTE 2fm).

If you havent already check out the John Peel Wiki. These folks have been digging out recordings of John Peel shows for years and have catalogued and shared a large number of John’s shows and much more besides. There is a Yahoo mailing list and they are always open to helping track down or identify recordings. Their work as well as the work of Ken Garner, author of ‘The Peel Sessions‘, shown above, inspired the creation of this site.


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