Microdisney (Unidentified Tape)


The following tracks by Microdisney turned up on the same cassette that featured the recently posted Cypress Mine! session so that puts the date of broadcast circa 1986. Both tracks appeared on ‘Everybody Is Fantastic’ (1984), ‘Dig Me Up’ reworked as ‘Dreaming Drains’. The first 3 Microdisney were recently reissued on Cherry Red Records featuring Peel session tracks and B sides. Two further previously unavailable tracks ‘Victory’ and ’12 Novembers’ can be found on the Reekus Records compilation ‘Too Late To Stop Now‘.

Dig Me Up


2 Responses to “Microdisney (Unidentified Tape)”

  1. Great stuff as always. Anything available from Blue Angels, Blue In Heaven, Supernaut, Shane O’Neill.
    Anyone got – Blue Angels Blow E.P.
    Much thanks,

  2. […] From an unidentified Fanning Session – listen here… […]

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