Into Paradise (Rarities)


We are big fans of Into Paradise and were delighted to hear from David Long of that parish recently. David kindly sent some kind words and a few tapes which he had dug out. Today we have the first of the fruits of said cassettes. The first track ‘I Can’t Live Without It’ is an outtake from the Churchtown sessions and the remaining three tracks are as of yet of unknown provenance. To come is a live recording of possibly the last ever Into Paradise gig. David of course released a solo album ‘Water Has Memory‘ last year which is well worth checking out.

I Can’t Live Without It (1991, Churchtown outtake)


Here With You

The Circus Came To Town

4 Responses to “Into Paradise (Rarities)”

  1. What great songs! Bloody hell, Into Paradise cannot write a bad one… More please.

  2. An unreleased version of “Here With You”?? David was right: God exists!! But of course, it’s not the same for everyone of us…………………………………………………………………!! Is there a link to download these Masterpieces??
    Serge Zéni

  3. Love the Churchtown outtake

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