The Wild Herrings (Demo)

Photo (C) Irene Pender

Their Fanning session is a favourite round these parts but this newly uncovered demo seems apt given that two members of this band, Fiona and Irene aka The Pender Sisters are to perform on Saturday 28th September at The Steam Punk Club in Dromahair.


From Ballyshannon in Co.Donegal The Wild Herrings are John Kane (guitar), Fiona Pender (vocals and sax), Irene Pender (vocals), Patsy O Kane (bass) and Michael Christie (drums). Apparently their set was one of the highlights of the Hennigans reunion last year.

Love On The Dole


2 Responses to “The Wild Herrings (Demo)”

  1. Irene Pender Says:

    Thanks a mil. Makes us sound almost professional

  2. danny mctaggart Says:

    I remember the Wild Herrings, played gigs with them in Letterkenny back in the day with Macbeth and Ego Minefield…great band the Herrings

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