Andy Kershaw (2013 Interview)

Photo from Andy's facebook stream

Andy Kershaw with BP Fallon at the Electric Picnic 2013

Andy Kershaw’s autobiography is a great read so I was very interested to hear what transpired when Andy and Dave Fanning met at the Electric Picnic recently. There were no surprises for anyone who’s read ‘No Off Switch‘ but those who haven’t might take this opportunity.

Here’s what Andy himself wrote on facebook:

I was also thrilled to hook up again with the truly legendary Irish rock journalist and scene-maker, BP Fallon, following a gap of about 25 years. The tireless little imp, after 300 years of chronicling the music of others, has now got himself a band, has made a CD, and last Saturday night I watched him for the first time as stage performer. He played a remarkable if low-key gig in one of the more obscure tents. It was really good.

And while we were hanging out together on Sunday, I was also trying to persuade him that the time has come for him now to write his autobiography. (“If I can do it, Beep…”) What a story that would be! It would blow mine into the weeds.

It was also fab to see Dave Fanning again after many years, and to be interviewed on Dave’s RTE radio show, broadcasting live from the festival. (The noted motormouth of Irish radio couldn’t get a word in edgeways…) Also great to be reunited with Johnny Marr, and with Denis Desmond, the festival promoter, both of whom I hadn’t seen since Billy Bragg days. Johnny played a splendid set too.

Andy Kershaw with Dave Fanning (2013)

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