The Candyshop (1987 Session)

candyshop2The Candyshop were Stephen Robinson (vocals), Dave Dorgan (guitar), Declan Mulligan Mark Byrne (bass) and Sean Ryan (drums). They featured previously in the form of a live rehearsal tape but today we have their 1987 Fanning session recorded on the 12th October of that year. Band picture anyone?

Railway Station (1987)

This Town (1987)

Things Have Changed (1987)

Jesus Station (1987)

4 Responses to “The Candyshop (1987 Session)”

  1. Remember doing a few gigs back then with these guys ,i was with a band calleed Back To Scratch ….good times

  2. You are such a wonderfool person for undertaking this blog!

    The Candyshop indeed – haven’t thought of this lot since I reviewed them (at The Baggot – where else?) for NME, … decades ago. I do believe I even remember the headline: “Smartie people are happy people”

  3. Jules Verne Says:

    Actually the bass player was Mark Byrne.

  4. Thomas Erbsloh Says:

    Don`t think I ever got to see these guys, but I do recall `Railway Station` being a favourite of mine all the same

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